Art of the Book 2018 Awards

The Art of the Book jury selected the following award winners from the works chosen for the travelling exhibition.

Best Overall Entry Award — C$1,000

Dawn SkinnerDawn Skinner, Victoria BC
The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Fine Binding


Hewit & Sons Fine Binding Award — £300 voucher

Leslie Walthers, Chicago IL
Animals at Full Moon

J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. is a well established company with a 210-year history of manufacturing the finest quality leathers for bookbinding. Their online shop includes a wide selection of equipment, tools, materials and sundries, catering to the requirements of both craft and commercial bookbinders, book conservators, and restorers around the world.

Harmatan and Oakridge Leathers Fine Binding Award — £250 voucher

Cécile Côté, Montreal QC
T for Trouchie

Harmatan Leathers is a family owned and opened company with a dedicated and skilled tannery staff who place a firm emphasis on quality and traditional craft skills. All their leathers are vegetable tanned, fully organic, and are finished to the high standards demanded both by bookbinders world wide and Harmatan Leathers itself. Artists’ Book Award — C$500

Marlene MacCallum, Ameliasburg ON
Shadow—Canto One: Still Life is an online marketplace for books, fine art and collectibles. Launched in 1996 in Victoria, BC, millions of new, used and rare books, as well as prints, posters, comics, photographs and many other collectibles are listed for sale by thousands of sellers from around the world.

Washi Arts Artists’ Book Award — US$200 voucher

Odette Drapeau, Montreal QC
La Parole des Pierres

Washi Arts is based in Washington State and is a retail partner of the Japanese Paper Place stocking tools and supplies for bookbinders and book artists, an exceptional range of decorative and dyed papers for book covers, marbled and paste papers for fly leaves and endpapers, and handmade natural papers with striking receptivity for letterpress printing of book pages. Personal service and recommendations. Fast and affordable shipping.

To encourage the use of washi in the making of submissions for Art of the Book 2018, use code AOB18 to save 20% on any paper order.

Papeterie Saint-Armand Calligraphy Award — C$350 voucher

Jerene Lane, Victoria BC
The Fisher’s Boy

The Saint-Armand paper mill was established by David Carruthers in 1979. Using linen and cotton rag, we make handmade papers for artists.

The Paperwright Papermaking Award — C$300 voucher

Frances Hunter, Victoria BC
VIA, Eastbound

The Paperwright is a Canadian papermaking supply business providing clients worldwide with moulds and deckles and supplies offering personalized service for papermakers, artists, schools, and universities. Their moulds and deckles include basic and classic routed pine, mahogany, pouring/floating, Japanese, and laid chain line. The Paperwright

Talas Box Making Award — US$250 voucher

Margo Klass, Fairbanks AK
Harmony of the Spheres: Homage to Pathagoras

Established in 1962 by Elaine and Herbert Haas, Talas became the first company in the US to serve the museum and library community with hand bookbinding and conservation supplies. Today the Salik family continues to operate Talas as a family run business, serving institutions, companies, and individuals around the world with the highest quality supplies and materials available. Centered on customer service and a small business approach, we are continually expanding our product line to meet market trends and our customers’ demands.

Colophon Book Arts Paper Decoration Award — US$75 voucher

Martina Edmondson, Victoria BC
Tree Poems

Colophon Book Arts Supply is owned and operated by Mary Uthuppuru in Bloomington, Indiana. It is primarily an online retail store serving the unique and widespread book arts community composed of beginning students to advanced professionals that practice, teach, and study making books by hand. Colophon serves the needs of this diverse group with an extensive stock of tools and materials for bookbinding, marbling and their related disciplines.

The Japanese Paper Place Heritage Washi Award — C$500 voucher

Rhonda Miller, Halifax NS
A Brief History of the Book in China

In 1982, owner Nancy Jacobi opened The Japanese Paper Place retail store in Toronto to encourage artists and creative people everywhere to learn about the unique qualities of traditional Japanese papers. Now, over thirty years later, The JPP warehouse supplies several thousand different kinds of Japanese paper to retailers, manufacturers and artists around the world.